ISO 45001

ISO 45001 standard 

ISO 45001, which now replaces OHSAS 18001, is a system of prevention and management of occupational risks in terms of health, safety and welfare at work (HSWW). This new standard is completely compatible with the international ISO standards of management systems.

This ISO 45001 certification enables a social and economic improvement of your business while motivating your staff members with better working conditions and reducing costs related to industrial accidents and occupational diseases.

Intraco Consulting creates management systems that are adapted to suit your organisation and its complexity.

With a constant focus on efficiency, we will only keep the necessary aspects. The simplicity of our systems enables them to be understood by all staff members and therefore facilitates their commitment to ensuring quality.

Our digitalisation solutions of your QSE management are personalised depending on your specific requirements. Their aim? An independent, simple and completely integrated QSE management.

Intraco Consulting is committed to assisting you for:

  • Performing an analysis of your method of operation in terms of HSWW management;
  • Identifying the dangers via a risk analysis;
  • Support for the manager of your business;
  • Preparing your emergency situations and supporting you in finding the most appropriate solutions;
  • Reviewing your strategy, defining your objectives and choosing the indicators;
  • Support for the regulatory monitoring and performing regulatory audits;
  • Offering and implementing personalised, simple and efficient digital management tools;
  • Performing internal audits;
  • Organising the management review;
  • Support during the certification process.

ISO 45001

Testimonies of our clients

Mission "ISO 9001 support - Quality and COP"

Thanks to a clear and precise relationship, Intraco Consulting has enabled us to save time in our operations.

Seront Didier General Director / SPRL Fantin

ISO 14001 - Environmental permit - impact study - regulatory watch

Professionalism and competence, a collaboration to be redone

Marquet Jean-Marie Conseiller sécurité & environnement / NMC

Mission "ISO 9001 - Quality & Strategic Consultancy"

The collaboration with Intraco Consulting was very efficient, structured and reliable. They have enabled us to achieve each of our goals.

Imetsberger Patricia Director / Heinen SA

Mission "environmental permit"

Pleasant collaboration. Very flexible especially at the end for the delivery of documents. Very competent. Always posed and smiling.

Matucci Giuliana Architect / BS Solutions