Environmental Permit

Many activities generate pollution (air pollution, smells, noise, etc) and have an impact on the environment and human health. Formerly, running such activities could require holding several permits involving various complicated, uncoordinated and impractical procedures.

All of these authorisations have now been included in one unique document, the Environmental Permit which aims at ensuring that the operator takes all necessary precautions in order to avoid any environmental damage related to the latter’s activity.

The various permits

The environmental permit has replaced the former permit to operate which has become obsolete.
If a project also requires a planning permit, the application will take the form of a unique permit

If a new establishment has a commercial surface area of more than 400m² for example, a socio-economic section will need to be enclosed with the file. This will then be referred to as an integrated permit.

Who must apply for a permit?

qui doit demander un permis

An establishment with so-called listed activities may not be run without an environmental permit.

Obtaining an environmental permit is compulsory for running several activities: 

  • Commercial; 
  • Industrial; 
  • Agricultural; 
  • Secondary installations (boilers, air conditioners, compressors, oil tanks, etc.). 

The formalities for obtaining this precious magical document are however very complicated and require precise knowledge of the legislation and in-depth experience of the administrative procedures.

Intraco Consulting can assist you:

Intraco Consulting takes away the pressure of completing and filing the permit applications by managing your file from A to Z

  • We will define the appropriate procedures for you (environmental, town-planning, commercial parts); 
  • We will advise you on the classification sections and related limits
  • We can deal with completing the forms and appendices
  • We can request prior opinions from various bodies; 
  • We can draw up the plans
  • We can assist you with your inventories by providing you with suitable lists; 
  • We can also assist you with your formalities regarding the land decree.

Once your file is complete, our consultant submits it for you with the local urban authorities and monitors the lead times with precision until the receipt of your new permit.

This applies for:

  • Category 3 declaration;
  • Category 2 or category 1 environmental permit;
  • Unique permit;
  • Integrated permit for commercial establishments;
  • Renewal of your licence to operate.

We can also provide you with a conformity audit of your environmental permit enabling to have a clear vision of your precise situation.

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Testimonies of our clients

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The consultancy is very well structured. Recurring collaboration.

Volante Nino Managing director / NGL

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Professionalism and competence, a collaboration to be redone

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Thanks to a clear and precise relationship, Intraco Consulting has enabled us to save time in our operations.

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The collaboration with Intraco Consulting was very efficient, structured and reliable. They have enabled us to achieve each of our goals.

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