Circular economy

A circular economy is an economic and industrial system seeking to favour:

  • The maintenance, repair and reuse of products;
  • A suitable design of the products with a view to their repair and the total or partial reuse of their components at the end of their life;
  • The manufacture of new products from relegated parts, components or products;
  • The recycling of industrial, agricultural or household waste and materials;
  • The efficient use of resources during the production and consumption phases.

For a circular economy, several innovative economic models may be considered:

  • Innovative rental systems;
  • Systems for sharing and collective use of products and equipment;
  • System where the consumer purchases the service provided by a product rather than the product itself.

Economie Circulaire - Intraco Consulting

Intraco Consulting can assist you with:

  • A precise analysis of your current situation;
  • Seeking alternatives in the form of practical solutions;
  • Improving your operational processes;
  • Optimising your management system;
  • Implementing personalised management tools.

Testimonies of our clients

Mission "Realization of internal audits ISO 9001 - Quality & VCA - Safety"

The knowledge of Intraco Consulting about our sector and our company helped in building a relationship of trust for several years.

Pennewaert Magali Administrative Director / Cobelba

Mission "ADR advisor"

The way of approaching the themes, the skills / knowledge and the feedback are an undeniable plus.

The collaboration fully meets our expectations.

Crochet Vincent QSE Manager / Trico

ISO9001, internal audits

The consultancy is very well structured. Recurring collaboration.

Volante Nino Managing director / NGL

Mission "ISO 9001 - Quality & Strategic Consultancy"

The collaboration with Intraco Consulting was very efficient, structured and reliable. They have enabled us to achieve each of our goals.

Imetsberger Patricia Director / Heinen SA

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