ISO 5001 standard

ISO 5001 standard - Version 2018

ISO 50001 is an international standard which defines the requirements for the energy management system (EMS) of an organisation. Any organisation, whether large or small, may use it or be certified, regardless of its business sector.

An Energy Management System enables, on the basis of an initial review of the situation, to identify and prioritise these actions; it also enables to schedule them, perform them, assess them and correct them.

The ISO 50001 energy management system may be fully integrated in your safety or environmental management systems. 

The aim of ensuring compliance with the standard is not to alter your organisation but to provide occasional, coherent and coordinated actions for improvement in a structured way.

Norme ISO 5001 - Intraco Consulting

Intraco Consulting can assist you with:

  • Having a management tool based on common sense;
  • Facilitating and clarifying internal communication;
  • Obtaining the right document in the right place at the right time;
  • Enabling cost control and reducing risks;
  • Having a management tool that is suited to your profile (Navyqual, Symalean…);
  • Setting objectives and implementing them at all levels of the company;
  • Optimising the training plan and increasing team performance;
  • Developing a positive image and external recognition;
  • Providing rigour and order to the organisation;
  • Meeting with the requirements of ISO 50001 certification.

Intraco Consulting can work with you for:

  • Identifying energies used;
  • Performing the energy review;
  • Ensuring a review of the situation and the legislative monitoring;
  • Defining a strategy and a plan for improvement: objectives, indicators, action plan and management tools;
  • Drafting procedures;
  • Training and raising awareness of your personnel;
  • Performing internal audits;
  • Organising the management review;
  • Preparing and supporting you during the external audit.

Testimonies of our clients

Mission "Realization of internal audits ISO 9001 - Quality & VCA - Safety"

The knowledge of Intraco Consulting about our sector and our company helped in building a relationship of trust for several years.

Pennewaert Magali Administrative Director / Cobelba

Mission "ADR advisor"

The way of approaching the themes, the skills / knowledge and the feedback are an undeniable plus.

The collaboration fully meets our expectations.

Crochet Vincent QSE Manager / Trico

Environmental permit

Satisfied, it was not an easy file for a first collaboration

Lambrecht Céline QSE Advisor / Joly

Environmental permit

Satisfied, it was not an easy file for a first collaboration

Lambrecht Céline QSE Advisor / Joly