Energy Audit

An energy audit is the starting point that enables to identify with precision and accuracy the main energy consumption categories of your organisation.

Whether it is a diagnostic performed voluntarily or an audit as part of the obligation imposed on large companies, the Intraco Consulting team can assist you.

The energy audit obligation for large companies is the result of the European Directive 2012/27/EU aiming at improving energy efficiency in the economic sector. 

The constant increase of energy demands related to our methods of consumption is a major concern for Europe. Thus, through the implementation of this strategy, the EU aims to improve the Union’s security of supply by reducing primary energy consumption and limiting energy imports. 

Other objectives sought by these provisions include reducing greenhouse gas emissions in a cost-effective way, accelerating the spread of innovative technological solutions and reinforcing the competitiveness of industry in the Union.

Who is affected?

This obligation affects any business that is not an SME as defined in European terms

As for whether a company is considered as a large company, the most reliable way consists in referring to the User Guide for the definition of SMEs, a document available on the European Commission website. A tool, the “testpme” available on the Wallonia website may be used as an indication. 

Scope of application

The energy audit covers the activities of the company in the Walloon Region (operational activity, building, production and transformation of energy, internal transport not subcontracted) and must be proportionate. In practical terms, the final energy consumption of the activities of the Walloon sites must represent at least 20% of the final energy consumption of the Belgian sites. Otherwise, the company does not have to perform an audit.

Moreover, the scope of application of the audit must meet with a representativity rule. This requires that the energy audit must cover at least 80% of the final energy consumption of the large company in Wallonia.

In the case of multi-site businesses, the large company may have the audit performed on the sites/buildings that are representative of the other sites/buildings located in Wallonia as long as the activity is similar. In practical terms, the representativity criterion is defined by a maximum difference of 20% between the site/building taken as a reference and the other sites/buildings that it represents.


Audit Energétique - Intraco Consulting


Several exemptions are stipulated by the decree. 

The first is related to the proportionality condition indicated above (Walloon final En.Conso. < 20% Belgian final En.Conso).

Then, any large company involved in an environmental convention such as an ISO 14001 or ISO 50001 certification or an EMAS registration, for example, including a compliant energy audit (and performed over the last 4 years) is deemed to meet with the obligation in question here. This audit must cover at least 60% of the final consumption of the large company (instead of 80%). 

Companies participating in industry-wide agreements are also logically exempt.

Various companies belonging to the same shareholdership cannot be likened to a multi-site business. These are therefore also exempt from the energy audit obligation.

Finally, if the audit report concludes that the audit is not cost-efficient and that there are no investments to be recommended in it, the company may be exempt from the energy audit obligation on the next due date.

Auditor, reporting and periods

The audit must be performed on a completely independent basis by an external auditor approved by AMURE or UREBA depending on the company’s activities.

The audit report (to be kept for 10 years) must be communicated every 4 years, as from 5th December 2016 (first due date). However, it is possible to extend this period in the event of special or exceptional circumstances (removal, major investments, etc.). This extension may not however exceed 4 years.

Intraco Consulting can assist you with:

  • Assessing the scope of application of this audit;
  • Performing an energy diagnosis of your company;
  • Integrating this audit exercise in a global and structured procedure;
  • Training and raising awareness of your staff;
  • Choosing the consulting firm (in the case of the Wallonia decree of 08-09-2016) which will provide real added value to this compulsory audit;

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