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Environmental management: what help is available for implementing an environmental policy in firms?

Our team of expert consultants in environmental management can support you in several areas, for integrating a real environmental policy in your firm.

As each regulatory profile is unique, Intraco Consulting provides and updates personalised regulatory monitoring systems via a latest-generation legal monitoring platform. Our consultants ensure the regulatory audits for you, aiming at assessing the level of conformity of your organisation in relation to the environmental legislation. We also develop and provide you with tools so that you can manage the implementation of this legislation in the field on a daily basis.

The consultants from Intraco Consulting also have significant expertise in risk assessment and in the implementation, monitoring and audit of environmental management systems (EMS) and in assisting its customers in obtaining ISO 14001, BIO, CO2 Neutral certifications or EMAS registrations.

The specialist consultants from Intraco Consulting provide full assistance in monitoring the administrative procedures such as obtaining or renewing your environmental permit (licence to operate), drawing up PISOE plans (internal plan on monitoring environmental obligations) and waste prevention plans or in communicating environmental data to the various authorities.

Our consultants will also assist you in developing new projects for setting up and optimising the management of your waste or any other circular economy project.

Finally, Intraco Consulting offers modern tools to its customers enabling the digitalisation of their QSE² management.

ISO 14 001, BIO certification and EMAS registration

The implementation of an environmental risks management and prevention system meeting with ISO 14001 or the EMAS registration falls within an aim to improve environmental performance. These international certificates, with the policy and values of your firm, also contribute to giving a positive image to your activities.

The environmental management systems may be fully integrated in your quality or safety management systems. It is important to note that the aim is not to alter the organisation of your company, but to provide occasional, coherent and coordinated actions for improvement in a structured way.


  • Identify and reduce your environmental impact;
  • Prevent environmental risks;
  • Anticipate and keep your firm in compliance with environmental law;
  • Improve your relations with the local residents, authorities, etc.;
  • Make savings (energy, waste management, etc.);
  • Obtain recognition of your commitment for the environment;
  • Improve your brand image

ISO 14001 VS EMAS:

The approach is similar for ISO 14001 and EMAS. EMAS is however more restrictive on certain issues. These differences, in particular as regards communication to personnel and to the general public (environmental declaration), performance objectives, environmental analysis and legal and regulatory conformity, are taken into consideration as from the start of the procedure or included in your current environmental management system.


BIO is also an integral part of our everyday life. Whether your firm works in the food-processing industry or in transport and logistics, obtaining this certification will provide recognition in relation to the work performed and will probably enable you to satisfy an increasingly large demand on the market.


Intraco Consulting can assist you with the following:

  • An analysis of the activities and related environmental impacts;
  • Review of the situation and legislative monitoring;
  • Definition of the environmental programmes, objectives, indicators and environmental management tools;
  • Assistance with drafting procedures;
  • Personalisation and implementation of digital tools;
  • Performance of internal and regulatory audits;
  • Assistance with transition management;
  • Leadership of the management report;
  • Preparation and assistance during the external audit.
CO2 assessment and CO2 Neutral

Carbon assessment is an analytical tool developed by the ADEME (French Environmental and Energy Management Agency). This method enables to assess the impact of your activity in terms of direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions, including carbon dioxide (or CO2).

Carbon assessment has become a registered trademark. This assessment is frequently valued by firms and other organisations as part of their CSR procedure (Corporate Social Responsibility).

The aim will then be to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions through the implementation of an action plan. For the unavoidable CO2 emissions, there is the solution of carbon offsetting. If all remaining CO2 emissions can be offset, your organisation may then obtain the “CO2-Neutral” label.


Intraco Consulting can assist you with the following: 

  • Analysis of the context and definition of the scope of application;
  • Assessment of the CO2impacts of your organisation;
  • Establishment of an action plan;
  • Proposed offsetting measures.
Green IT

The digital economy’s environmental footprint is currently the subject of increasing fears. On a global scale, it is equivalent to a continent that is 2 to 3 times the size of France…

There are many environmental impacts characterised essentially by the depletion of abiotic resources, a major contribution to global warming, tensions regarding fresh water, and various forms of aggression on ecosystems (eutrophication, acidification, various pollutions) which contribute to the ongoing ecological decline.

The Intraco Consulting team, aware of this increasing problem, undertakes firstly to work towards minimising its own impacts in this respect. It also provides you with its knowledge to assist you in managing and minimising the impacts of your IT activities.

Intraco Consulting can assist with the following:

Assessment of the impacts of your IT activity through the performance of a personalised diagnostic:

  • Preparation of a strategy in terms of Green IT;
  • Seeking personalised solutions;
  • The global management of your IT procedure.
Environmental, safety regulatory monitoring

Anticipate = remain in control

In order to avoid any setbacks that may have major and harmful consequences for your organisation, the QSE management systems (ISO, EMAS, COP, etc.) require that the certified organisations know about their conformity obligations and keep them up-to-date, define the way in which these obligations apply to their activities, installations, goods and services, and maintain their knowledge and understanding of their state of conformity.

Moreover, let’s remember that “Ignorance of the law is not an excuse” … However, this old saying, still valid today, remains difficult to apply. Preparing and updating a database of applicable legal requirements specific to your business is a time-consuming, fastidious and enormous task.

Turn this “constraint” into a strength of your management system!

For this, Intraco Consulting provides you with a team of experts and offers you an intuitive latest-generation online application combining ease of use and functionality. This is provided with a monthly mail including the updates that affect you. This system ensures clear, transparent and complete management of all of your conformity requirements through efficient audits meeting with the requirements of the ISO, EMAS and other standards. Our aim: help you save time in managing your regulatory obligations.

The specialist consultants may also perform your environmental, health, safety and welfare at work conformity audits for you.

 Intraco Consulting can assist you with the following:

Meeting with ISO 14001, 45001, 50001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 22000, EMAS, VCA, SQAS, COP standards through the availability of a latest-generation online monitoring platform (ISO27001 compliant) including:

  • Theenvironmental and safety legislation for Belgium, i.e. Wallonia, Brussels Capital and Flanders along with: Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Morocco and France (in liaison with QSE-Monitoring France);
  • The management of the legal requirements affecting you in addition to your special conditions (permits and other requirements);
  • A multi-site and multi-user management;
  • Automatic creation of an action plan;
  • Communication of lack of conformities to the persons in charge;
  • One-click report of your situation and your state of conformity;
  • The possibility to import and export your data in various formats (Excel, JPEG, PDF, etc.).

The consultants from Intraco Consulting also ensure the performance of conformity audits for you.

Internal audits & regulatory audits

As part of your environmental certifications, internal audits are used to assess compliance with the chosen standard and the internal rules, along with identifying the opportunities for improvement. Regulatory audits will enable to assess the conformity in relation to the applicable environmental legislation.

Do your staff members lack skills in this respect or do you lack time? Intraco Consulting can perform your internal audits for you according to a methodology based on ISO 19011 and an agreed schedule. The participation of the Intraco consultant ensures complete objectivity and enables you to obtain the opinion of an external person.


  • Establishment of an internal audit schedule according to your requirements and the availability of your staff members;
  • Preparation and holding of interviews with your staff members in the field at the workstation;
  • At the end of the audit, presentation of the findings in the presence of the management and managers in question;
  • Drafting of an internal audit report or encoding of the regulatory audit results directly on your monitoring platform;
  • Support with implementing the necessary corrective actions.


Related training:

– Internal Auditor training (Quality, safety, environment)

Environmental permit

Integrated / unique / environmental permit / permit to operate

What is an environmental permit?

Many activities generate pollution (air pollution, smells, noise, etc) and have an impact on the environment and human health. Formerly, running such activities could require holding several permits (permit to operate, water intake permit, authorisation for sewage spill, etc.) involving various complicated, uncoordinated and impractical procedures.

All of these authorisations have now been included in one unique document, the Environmental Permit.

Integrated, unique, environmental permit, permit to operate: what is the difference?

The creation of the environmental permit by decree of 11th March 1999 has enabled to harmonise, group together and simplify the administrative formalities. The environmental permit has therefore naturally replaced the former permit to operate which has become obsolete.

If a project also requires a planning permit, the application will take the form of a unique permit. Similarly, if a new establishment has a commercial surface area of more than 400m² for example, a socio-economic section will need to be enclosed with the file. This will then be referred to as an integrated permit.

Who must apply for a permit?

No person may run an establishment with so-called listed activities, without an environmental permit; otherwise, serious penalties may be imposed by the authorities. This is what the law says!

Obtaining an environmental permit is compulsory for running several activities, whether commercial, industrial or agricultural and also for secondary installations such as boilers, air conditioners, compressors, oil tanks or compressed-air tanks that can be found in most firms. It aims in particular at ensuring that the operator takes all precautions enabling to prevent any possible environmental damage related to its activity.

The formalities for obtaining this precious magical document are however very complicated and require precise knowledge of the legislation and in-depth experience of the administrative procedures.

Intraco Consulting can assist you with the following:

With the multiplication of legislative texts related to the environmental permit, Environmental CodeWater CodeLand DecreeCommercial ImplantationCoTD (Code of Territorial Development), Animal Welfare, etc., it is now complicated to know where to turn.
Intraco Consulting takes away the pressure of completing and filing the permit applications by managing your file from A to Z. We will define the appropriate procedures for you (environmental, town-planning, commercial parts), we will advise you on the classification sections and related limits, we deal with completing the forms and appendices, we can request prior opinions from various bodies, draw up the plans, assist you with your inventories by providing you with suitable lists and finally, we can also assist you with your formalities regarding the land decree.

Once your file is complete, our consultant files it for you with the local urban authorities and monitors the lead times with precision until the receipt of your new permit.

Intraco Consulting therefore deals with completing, filing and monitoring your application file of:

  • Category 3 declaration;
  • Category 2 or category 1 environmental permit;
  • Unique permit;
  • Integrated permit for commercial establishments;
  • Renewal of your licence to operate.

We can also provide you with a conformity audit of your environmental permit enabling to have a clear vision of your precise situation.

Risk analysis

Whether it is a part of an ISO certification, EMAS registration or merely for the sake of anticipation, an increasing number of firms endeavour to prevent the risks related to their activity, in particular environmental risks.

Whether traditional and recurring risks or more occasional ones, the consequences of any environmental damage may be significant in an extremely competitive context.

The implementation of good risk management practices is essential for the organisation. Indeed, they enable to ensure excellence and identify the major risks that could have several negative consequences on the firm’s image or that of the customer. This strategy also enables the leaders to make the right decisions and to implement efficient policies.

Intraco Consulting is specialised in managing this issue and is increasingly beside the QSE coordinators and Supply Chain managers when faced with these preoccupations. This becomes a priority for them and even for the sales departments which must present this type of analysis to their customers.


Intraco Consulting can assist you with the following:

  • Assessment of the current risk management policy;
  • Analysis of the current weaknesses;
  • Implementation of a risk anticipation method related to a changing environment;
  • Implementation of new procedures, objectives, performance indicators related to your risk management policy;
  • Inspection and adaptation of these strategies.

Walloon legislation imposes that firms affected by the IPPC/IED directive implement a PISOE (Internal Surveillance Plan of Environmental Obligations). This plan must in particular specify:

  • The surveillance procedures stipulated by the conditions of operation;
  • The devices to be installed for assessing the emission values.

Moreover, the operator must keep information related to the production and manufacturing process and communicate via reporting.

For reasons due to time or means, you may not be able to deal with these administrative obligations. This is why the specialist consultants at Intraco Consulting offer to assist you with these various formalities.

Intraco Consulting can assist you with the following:

  • Assistance in the implementation of your internal surveillance plan;
  • Full management of your related administrative formalities.
Integrated survey – REGINE

If your firm is subject to the obligation of reporting for the Integrated Environmental Survey (REGINE), our consultants can support you and assist you in meeting with this administrative obligation.


Intraco Consulting can assist you with the following:

  • Support for completing the compulsory documents;
  • Full management of your related administrative formalities.
Circular economy

A circular economy is an economic and industrial system aiming at keeping products, their components and materials in circulation for as long as possible within the system, while endeavouring to ensure the quality of their use. The circular economy is opposed to the linear economy which eliminates products and materials at the end of their economic life.

The circular economy seeks to favour:

  • The maintenance, repair and reuse of products;
  • A suitable design of the products with a view to their repair and the total or partial reuse of their components at the end of their life;
  • The manufacture of new products from relegated parts, components or products;
  • Therecycling of industrial, agricultural or household waste and materials;
  • The efficient use of resourcesduring the production and consumption phases.

For a circular economy, several innovative economic models may be considered:

  • Innovative rental systems;
  • Systems for sharing and collective use of products and equipment;
  • System where the consumer purchases the service provided by a product rather than the product itself.

The transformation of our economy from a linear model to a circular model enables to make savings, to ensure a more efficient use of the resources, to create jobs and to reduce the impact of production and consumption on the environment.


Intraco Consulting can assist you with the following:

 A precise analysis of your current situation;

  • Seeking alternativesin the form of practical solutions;
  • Improving your operational processes;
  • Optimisingyour management system;
  • Implementing personalised management tools;


Waste management – MFCA

Waste probably represents a major cost in your activity as the amounts invoiced by your collectors (rental of containers, transport and treatment) only actually represent around 7% of the real overall cost. Indeed, before the elements became waste, they were raw materials which were purchased and then transformed and treated before being thrown away.

Our expert consultants can assist you in optimising the management of your waste by performing a full diagnostic including compliance with the applicable legislation, an analysis of the waste networks and streams: sorting, communication, storage methods, management, participation of personnel, etc.

Intraco Consulting can assist you with the following:

  • An assessment of your legal situation in terms of waste;
  • An analysis of your waste management system;
  • A personalisedaction plan of legal conformity;
  • Support in improving your waste management system;
  • Identification of the opportunities for improvement within your firm in terms of sorting, collection, monitoring data, raising awareness of staff members and developing new solutions;
  • An objective appraisal of the relevance of performing an MFCA (Material Flow Cost Analysis).

For more information about waste management in firms

Training and coaching

Intraco Consulting develops customised courses in firms for workers and executive managers, with specific and customised training modules depending on specific requirements that you have identified for your executives and your teams.

 Through its tried and tested methodology and confirmed educational approach, Intraco Consulting is able to help participants to benefit on a long-term basis from the training given.

 Personal development and business evolution never cease, and Intraco Consulting works alongside you, offering its professional coaching services, whether on an individual basis or in groups within your firm to assist you with these various stages of development. Our coaches and consultants enable you to develop your firm and your workers within it, through intra or inter-company training sessions.

 Our training sessions are based on an analysis of your teams’ requirements, and are closely monitored.

 With highly-qualified instructors in a large number of fields including quality, environment, safety, logistics, management, energy, etc., Intraco Consulting is able to assist you throughout the development of your activity.

 Intraco Consulting can assist you with the following:

 Various business training themes:

  • ISO 9001;
  • ISO 14001and/or EMAS;
  • OHSAS 18001 / ISO 45001;
  • ISO 50001;
  • VCAexecutives and workers;
  • Internal Auditor in Quality, Safety and Environment (1 day);
  • Internal Auditor in Quality, Safety and Environment (2 days and +);
  • Integration of QSE systems;
  • Specific modules:
    • Environmental analysis of the organisation;
    • Choice and follow-up of environmental key performance indicators (envKPI);
    • Strategy and stakes: role of quality coordinator;
    • Interests and creation of a “Balanced Scorecard” (forward-planning performance chart);
    • Basic safety concepts;
    • Introduction to 5S (+S) methodology;
    • Other courses possible upon request

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