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Whether you intend to reinforce the skills within your start-up or to manage assistance with transition in relation to major growth, the HR diagnostic enables to review the HR policy and practices within your company.

This diagnostic aims at ensuring coherency between the strategy of your company and your human resources and identifying the strengths and the areas of risk or problem areas that may have a negative impact on results.

This diagnostic is very often considered when the company is facing a high staff turnover rate, when the absence of clearly-defined roles has a negative impact on the social climate or when the company is struggling to recruit and then keep the profiles sought.

Once the scope of the diagnostic review has been defined, the assignment is often entrusted to an external auditor, in order to ensure an impartial and objective view of the results and to avoid in-house conflicts. 

These results are obtained from sessions of observations, surveys, questionnaires and from various meetings with the Management and the employees

The presence in the company must be adapted to the size of the company and the scope of the assignment entrusted to the auditor.

The diagnostic review may therefore cover all or part of the qualitative and quantitative themes of managing human resources, such as:

  • The method(s) of management (intergenerational management);
  • Internal communication; 
  • Recruitment;
  • Training;
  • Payroll management;
  • Skills management;
  • Motivation management;
  • Dispute management;
  • Managing working from home;
  • Well-being and quality of life at work;
  • Staff turnover rate;
  • Rate of absenteeism;
  • Rate of accidents.

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Once the diagnostic review has been drawn up and communicated to the Management, it gives way to a roadmap setting forth the actions to be implemented for which assistance is offered.

This assistance may be provided in various ways, from defining an HR strategy to setting up appraisal tools, management procedures and even ensuring the compliance of your HR environment with legal provisions.

Regardless of the reasons that lead a company to perform an audit, starting an HR diagnostic review is always a good idea, and your staff members will appreciate the real interest that you are showing in them.

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