Accueil - ENVIRONMENT - ISO 50001 – Energy Management

Energy efficiency is a criterion that companies must currently control, whether for reasons of competitiveness, cost, environmental protection or legal obligations.


- Assistance in the implementation of your Energy Management System;
- Personalisation of the energy policy and planning;
- Operational control, raising awareness and communication;
- Implementation of energy performance indicators;
- Assistance with defining targets and the action plan;
- Identification of requirements and definition of lack of compliance;
- Internal audits and documentation;
- Integration of ISO 50001 in other management systems.

Intraco Consulting and ISO 50001

Intraco Consulting offers to assist you in the implementation of an energy management ISO 50001 system which will enable you to monitor and improve your energy efficiency. In addition to assisting you in meeting with the various aspects of the standard, practical solutions will be provided to enable you to ensure a better management and a real reduction of your energy consumption. If necessary, this will be achieved in partnership with trustworthy operators.

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