Being environmentally efficient requires complete command of the legal obligations and efficient action regarding your environmental impacts. Intraco Consulting teaches your staff members to think Green and thus integrate a real environmental policy in your organisation.

Environmental management and sustainable development are increasingly necessary for the organisation of firms and establishments. Various tools, standards and references exist, enabling you to prove your performance in this area. As a partner, Intraco Consulting can advise you and guide you in this complicated procedure, in order to save time and gain in efficiency.

In your quest for perfecting or continually improving your organisation, Intraco Consulting provides its support in the form of advice, audit, training or coaching.


Specialised in QSE management (Quality-Safety-Environment), Intraco Consulting offers its services for:
- Performing a diagnosis of your firm which will be the starting point for optimising your organisation;
- Assisting you in the implementation of your QSE system through a structured and personalised coaching;
- Training your staff members using a dynamic and practical approach;
- Creating tools to support your QSE procedure, providing useful tips to back your quality process.

Intraco Consulting’s skills are demonstrated through its numerous references, the multitude of products offered and the profile of its consultants. Whether working for large companies or small and medium-sized firms, Intraco Consulting knows how to adapt to its customers’ structures in order to meet with the requirements of the standards in a key sector.

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