Accueil - Energy Audit


One of the novelties for the year 2016 in terms of the environment is the obligation for large firms in Wallonia and Brussels to perform an energy audit (or have one performed) for their infrastructures and activities established on these territories. This audit must be performed every 4 years by an approved auditor.


- Study of the building’s characteristics;
- Analysis of production processes and their energy consumption;
- Appraisal of current heating and cooling systems;
- Modelling of the building;
- Thermal measurement campaign on heat production;
- Improvement of the building’s energy efficiency;
- Positioning compared to buildings with similar use;
- Findings and plan for improvements.


Intraco Consulting may assist you in completing the administrative formalities and performing the energy audit by beginning with a review of your energy consumption and ending with proposals of areas for improvement regarding your consumption and cost-cutting methods for each type of energy. In practical terms, Intraco Consulting analyses your production processes as regards your energy consumption in order to model the flows of energy losses.

N.B.! The first audit report should have been submitted to the authorities for 5th December 2016. In practice, an additional deadline has been granted for firms when they provide an order form, by 5th December 2016, for the completion of this audit. The report must then be sent by 5th December 2017 at the latest.

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