Valuation of the business

Valorisation d'entreprise - Intraco Consulting

Assessing the value of a business: essential for growth

The valuation of a company requires expertise and a tried-and-tested methodology. It is a complicated operation due to the multitude of elements to be considered in this process.

Our expertise enables us to use appropriate methods depending on the types of company and the business sectors, in order to assess your skills and advantages in the best possible way. We take into account not only the financial data but also the overall environment of the company with all of its operational, commercial, tax-related, social or environmental aspects.

The valuation of your business may be performed as part of a “transfer or buyout diagnostic” provided by the Walloon Region and Sowaccess.

Are you a company director, a professional investor or do you wish to acquire a share in a company? Does the planned operation cover the sale of a business, a future partnership or the total acquisition of the shares of a company?

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