Accueil - About us

A fresh look at your projects

Our company is based on winning methodologies, with a pragmatic project management approach, always in relation to your needs. We position ourselves as an honest and independent partner who bases relationships on the search for results and involvement as close as possible to your organization.

The success of our company depends on a multidisciplinary team that can demonstrate many convincing experiences! Our consultants are specialized in many fields of activity and each expert on a subject, which allows Intraco Consulting to offer you personalized support meeting the concrete needs of your company or organization.

A quality-oriented corporate culture in a spirit of independence

As an honest and independent partner, Intraco Consulting guarantees the reliability and conformity of your services, processes and Quality systems. In your quest to improve your organization, or to improve continuously, our experts will provide you with support in the form of advice, audit, training or coaching.

La garantie de la qualité

The satisfaction of our customers and our position in the service market result from the quality with which we execute our projects:

  • Strict selection of our staff
  • Obtaining relevant certifications and qualifications
  • Training of our employees
  • “Project” approach to missions
  • Adequate and optimal working methods for each project

Nos certifications

Intraco Consulting is ISO 9001-2015 certified, masters ISO 31000 standards (risk), is IMCM qualified for change management and models processes according to the BPMN model.

Finally, Intraco Consulting is certified by the Walloon Region for the following subjects:

  • Circular economy
  • Business growth and development
  • Business transfer

Nos valeurs

  • créativité
  • Engagement
  • Excellence
  • Développement de compétences
  • Satisfaction client
  • Ethique
  • Durable


Intraco Consulting is always keen to develop creative and innovative solutions in order to help you differentiate yourself from the competition and maintain a very high level of quality while preserving the budgetary perspective.

we specializes in the management of complex projects while remaining a local company on a human scale.


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