Accueil - Carbon balance


In the current context in which the impact of greenhouse gas emissions on global warming is more than proved, and in which the cost of energy continues to increase, the performance of a Carbon Balance is a good method for identifying sources of savings and for improving the company’s brand image.
The 3 reasons for performing this global procedure are as follows:
- Ecology: to limit the impact of your activities on the environment and introduce an approach for sustainable development;
- Economy: to reduce your costs and withdraw your dependency on fossil energies whose prices will continue to increase;
- Strategy: to anticipate regulatory obligations and future taxes on emissions, to favour a responsible brand image by including your approach in your communication media.


- Review (define expectations correctly, consider the special characteristics of the site(s), review the internal organisation for feedback, ...);
- Preparation of a cartography of flows;
- Identification of resource and collection persons;
- Raising awareness of all staff members;
- Drafting of documents for data collection (procedures in which the data required is indicated and which enable to record the source and method used for extracting the data);
- Assistance with data collection;
- Data processing for the format of the Carbon Balance spreadsheet;
- Presentation of results for the management and key persons;
- Work group to define the action plan;
- Drafting of the final report;
- Drafting of a product sheet in French and in English;
- Final presentation.

Optional and not included in the current assignment: Follow-up and leadership of the actions implemented.


Intraco Consulting assists you in analysing your CO² impact for the whole of your organisation. This approach will enable to quantify the impact of your greenhouse gas emissions on the climate, and will also provide:
- The implementation of a strategy for reducing all of your emissions and not only those linked to a product,
- A positive and federating company plan for all of your staff members (essential aspect for implementing long-term reduction actions and therefore enabling to control your operating costs),
- An economic calculation of your dependency on fossil energy,
- The leadership of a workshop enabling to define realistic and feasible action plans, together,
- The implementation of indicators,
- A “green” marketing position and communication plan,
- The possibility of neutralising your overall emissions,
- A commercial proposal enabling to provide your customers with products that are 100% CO² neutral,
- And finally, this global study will enable you to perform an ISO 14001 type of study more easily, which will be completely in keeping with your “low carbon” approach
The aim of the study proposed is to examine the greenhouse gas emissions of all of your activities (head office and your two production sites) to then, through a process of hierarchisation of your emissions, implement an action plan enabling to reduce your emissions, your costs and communicate on your actions both within the company and with third parties.
In this respect, the scope should be as broad as possible and will be defined mutually during our first preparatory meeting.



And how about going even further?

Despite the action plan, it will be impossible to completely reduce the company’s emissions. An additional action, enabling to give back to our planet a part of what we have taken, would be to make up for the emissions by investing in carbon sinks, and thus becoming 100% carbon neutral. Our study will include the calculation of the compensation required in order for your company to become CO2 neutral.

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